For hundreds of years, humans have ruled the realm under the watchful eye of the red dragon Cyrilliax, who laid waste to the cities of men and forced all the races to bow to him. After shattering the kingdoms with his indomitable might, Cyrilliax divided the realm into 5 new kingdoms, each ruled by a human lord of his choosing. Each of those lords, in turn, answers to one of the 5 Dragon Kings. The Dragon Kings demand sacrifice and worship from these human lords, who must rule in a manner that serves one purpose above all others: appease the Dragon Kings and avoid their ire.

Since Cyrilliax formed the 5 kingdoms, he and the Dragon Kings have ruled mostly invisibly, appearing only to deliver their wrath to those who willfully defy them. They care little for the plight of mortals, and the human lords they have placed to rule seem to have equally careless hearts, seeking little more than to amass power and wealth while keeping their masters happy.

The Throne on Crimson Peak